Why Women Deserve Respect: How to Honor and Appreciate Them

Women’s day was first observed on Mar 19, 1911, in Europe. Women have always played a vital role in a man’s life, in a society, though their contributions often go unrecognized. From the women who fought for our country’s independence to the women who are fighting for change every day, they deserve our respect.

Women’s struggles for equal rights and gender equality have been existent for a long time now and should be inspiring for all of us. A lot of us wouldn’t want to celebrate right now when the world is so divisive due to the Ukraine crisis which triggered a humanitarian crisis with a large number of women and children fleeing their homes for saving their lives and we’ve also just passed two years of a traumatic pandemic that affected women at work and home. However, it’s more important now than ever that women should be recognized and make noise about women’s day. We need to refocus our attention back on topics that have inconvenienced women for a while like the gender equality that got lost during the pandemic, women’s reproductive rights, and building safe and healthy workspaces for them.

Women are not given the same opportunities as men, whether in education or the workplace. There is a lot of discrimination against women, and they are often seen as inferior to men. This has to change. We need to start seeing women as equal human beings who deserve the same rights and opportunities as men.

We also need to start appreciating all that women do for us. Too often, we take them for granted and don’t even realize all the sacrifices they make for us. From taking care of our children to keeping our homes clean, women do so much for us every day. They deserve our respect and appreciation.

How can we change?

It starts with each one of us individually. We need to start changing the way we think about women and start treating them with the respect they deserve. We can also speak up when we see someone mistreating a woman or not giving her the same opportunities as men.

We need to teach our children to respect women. It is so important for them to learn from an early age that women are just as deserving of respect as men are. They need to know that women are strong and capable individuals who can do anything they set their minds to.

Despite the progress made in the last century, there is still a lot of progress that needs to be made. Women’s day is not just a day to recognize the social, economic, and political achievements of women, but also a reminder for us to action for women’s equality and the progress yet to be made.

In conclusion, women play a vital role in society and they deserve our respect. Let’s start changing the way we think and treat them, and teach our children to do the same.

I want to end with a couple of very powerful quotes from two women I admire.

Women don’t need to find a voice. They have a voice. They need to feel empowered to use it, and people need to be encouraged to listen.

Meghan Markle

Women share this planet fifty-fifty and they are underrepresented, their potential astonishingly untapped.

Emma Watson

Happy International Women’s day 2022!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that women should be respected? How can we make a change in our society to ensure that women are treated fairly? Share your thoughts and comments below! Let’s start making a change today! We would love to hear from you.

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