Toddler Travel

Travelling with a toddler can be really stressful especially in a situation like a Pandemic. Here are a few tips to make your travels a little easier. Try to carry essentials yet keep them minimal. These are the must-haves:

  1. Baby lotion (Airplane temperature can make your child’s skin dry).
  2. Try to put soft used clothes on your child while travelling. do not try new shoes and outfits.
  3. Carry your kids’ favourite toy/blanket.
  4. Carry more snacks than food, appetite is usually low in higher altitude.
  5. Pre load ipad/tab with Videos (Youtube premium in trial period comes handy, and few kids learning apps).
  6. Umbrella Stroller is always a good choice in international Airports.
  7. Try to carry Milk powder in case your child drinks milk. hot water is available in the flight.
  8. Always carry travel size wipes, diapers, training pants, extra clothes, socks and sippy cups. (extra plastic bags to put wet clothes in case).
  9. Colouring activity and puzzles come in handy to keep them occupied (try giving them new ones as a surprise).
  10. Chewing on hard candy or lollipops helps during take-off and landing.

Things to pack during a Pandemic –

  1. Carry travel size disinfecting wipes, spray (very useful to disinfect toilet seat) extra kid’s mask.
  2. Always wipe the dining tray and the areas your child will touch with disinfecting wipes. it’s easier than controlling your kid.
  3. Try practising your child to wear the mask everyday 2-3 weeks prior to travel and reward them this way they will tolerate wearing the mask better.
  4. Handle your child patiently even if they throw tantrums, this will help you avoid tougher situations.
  5. Keep your paperwork (covid test reports & other necessary print out) passport handy to show wherever required.
  6. Use hand sanitizer periodically.

Always Remember 

  1. Try to apply for all necessary Visa/OCI in advance rather than hurrying at the last minute during an emergency.
  2. Do Not travel unless it’s really necessary.
  3. Most travel size products are available in all major stores like Walmart and Walgreens.
  4. Good activity books, puzzles and small toys can be bought at stores like dollar tree and dollar general. You don’t have to worry even if they forget it in the flight, you can surprise them in the flight during travel).

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