The Power Of ‘W’omen

SOS Global Indians special for it’s women members! Launching Our Focus Group Virtual Event – The Power Of “W”
March 24th 9:00am PST / 9:30pm IST.

Join this powerful webinar and get the support you need to thrive. This event is focused on helping women like you to achieve their goals and overcome challenges. Hear from successful professionals who will share their tips and advice on how to succeed in any situation.

Join our Community by clicking here to attend the webinar.

This Women Support Webinar will cover:
– Being a global professional
– Handling high pressure situations
– How to project a confident self
– Financial Freedom for women
– How to make your money work for you
– Conflict resolution at work or home
– Dealing with abuse, bias, harassment

For post event discussion, please head to the forum below and get the discussion going!


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