Plight of Indian nationals stuck in Ukraine

As the world watches in horror the violence in Ukraine continues, a lesser known story is playing out for thousands of Indian nationals who are stuck in the country.

With no way to leave and reports of increasing violence and lawlessness, these Indian citizens are living in fear for their safety. The Indian government has been working to evacuate them, but the process has been slow and fraught with challenges. Meanwhile, their families back home wait amidst mounting uncertainty and danger.

It has been reported that there are hundreds of Indian nationals stuck in various Ukrainian cities. These Indians have been unable to leave the city because of the ongoing fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

Many of the Indians stuck in Ukraine are students and have never faced any situation even remotely dreadful like this. They do not know how to handle this and it is heart-wrenching to hear sad stories from them.

The SOS Global Indians team has been working tirelessly to help the stranded citizens of India and bring them back home. They spoke to some of the Indian citizens stuck in Ukraine and their stories are extremely sad. As they are running out of food and water, many are terrified. They are crying out for help to get evacuated safely.

This situation highlights the plight of many Indian citizens who find themselves in dangerous overseas situations. Hopefully these individuals will be able to escape safely and return home soon.

The Indian government has said that it is doing everything possible to evacuate them and started Operation Ganga.

Because of the airport bombing and closure of the Ukrainian airspace, the Indian government has arranged some flights from Ukraine’s neighboring countries. These flights will bring back the Indians stuck in Ukraine once they cross the Ukrainian border and enter the countries where the evacuations flights start. Right now a few flights have already helped to evacuate Indians using the airports at Budapest and Bucharest.

Need for help

But more Indian nationals are still stuck in Ukraine and have been without food or water for days, and their conditions are only worsening by the hour. The Indian government is doing everything possible to evacuate them, but they need your help.

SOS Global Indians team is also working with other volunteers round the clock to bring our brothers and sisters back to India safely. Please consider donating to the fund set up to bring these people home.

Fundraiser link here: Milaap Fund

With your help, we can get these innocent people out of a dangerous situation and back into the arms of their loving families.

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