Insurance For Travelling Parents

If you’re looking for health insurance advice for parents traveling to the US, then you’ve come to the right place. Insurance should be a concern for those who are in the USA. Steep medical bills can bankrupt families and cause financial hardship. Although you may think there is an option to just not pay these bills as your parents do not have a social security number – the USCIS still performs credit checks on green card, H1-B, and H4 spouse applications. Not paying these bills could cause harm in your future immigration process.

We evaluated available plans through independent research done by us in-house. We used the following parameters to arrive at certain recommendations, based on market feedback, policy details, and publicly available information. 1) Policy Document, 2) Personal Experiences and Reviews, 3) Regulation and the company itself/contacts.

The following are the companies in the US that offer insurance to travelers, and were part of our evaluation:

  1. International Medical Group (Patriot America, CoverAmerica Gold)
  2. Tokio Marine (Atlas America, VisitorSecure)
  3. Trawick International (Safe Travels USA)
  4. Seven Corners (Liaison, In-bound USA)
  5. INF (Elite, Traveler USA, Premier)

To know more about these options & our recommendations, we invite you to speak to one of our insurance specialists by emailing us at and we will connect back with you at the earliest.

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