“If you fail to achieve your goal, change the strategy, not goal.” ― Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita. Wishing all our members a very happy Krishna Janmashtami !!!
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This group is a great platform for all travel related queries, especially during tough times like the covid pandemic. I got trustworthy information and Aarthi helped me with my NIE.

My mom had knee issues and I contacted the group and I have bought INF standard fix for benefit plan after I reached out to Mounika, who helped me a lot. I really appreciate Mounika’s help starting from helping to select best visitor insurance plan till getting online consultation.

Being an H1B visa holder, I struggled a lot to find last minute flight ticket to return to US before 4th May. A special thanks to Chandna Shroti who helped me to get the last minute flight ticket to US. I safely reached US yesterday night and my travel experience was very smooth.

Hello- I want to give a quick shoutout to Michael Khanna and SOS team including Chandna Shroti, Vishal and Fantastic fare team and Arathi for NIE questions. Each one of you are a big lifeline in getting families united in these tough times, answering qq's, problem solving tirelessly and you do it with so much empathy.

A big shout to Michael Khanna for this group & to the people in this group for all the help. My parents reached safely.

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