Getting Started with SOSGI FB Group

New to SOSGI? Follow these simple tips on how to effectively get help on the group

  • Follow the rules that you signed up for when joining the group. We take them seriously.
  • You can reach the group quickly in multiple ways.

Through FB shortcuts.

Through Groups.

  • As soon as you open the group, you will be presented with this navigation menu that will help you to navigate the group in the most effective way.

About: A brief introduction of the group, when was it it formed, the motives and has the list of moderators and volunteers by focus area. This is also where the group rules are listed.

Discussion: This is the section where all the posts are posted in chronological order. Moderators and Admins can sometimes bump a post by pinning it or any member can bump their post by bumping it or lot of activity in a post can automatically bump the post to a higher position.

Guides: Guides are like modules in any training course that you take. It’s the most strategic way of organizing content for the members so that they get the greatest value from it.

Featured: As the name suggests, this section contains all the important posts marked as either announcements or featured. These could be authored by either members or moderators. The team frequently reviews the posts and where necessary, promotes them as a featured posts

Topics: All the posts are usually organized under different topics in this section for a much efficient way to organize posts. This way members can search for posts relevant to the topic that they are looking for. Using hashtags in your posts will aid the cause and the moderators to better organize our posts.

Members: As the name suggests lists all the members and segregates them from the moderators.

Events: Periodic events hosted by SOSGI and our partners are posted here. Make sure you check this section for most upto date events in a wide range of focus areas.

Files: Important documents (official or other wise curated by the members) are posted here for members to access.

Questions: Frequently asked questions will be promoted to this section for all members benefit.

Most effective way to get an answer for my question?

Before proceeding with posting your question, always use the search function. Your question or problem might have already been asked / faced by some other member and might already have been answered.

By avoiding redundant posts, we as a team can better serve you. You can see below how easy is it to find an answer for your question. If you think about it, someone out there might have faced a similar situation as yours.

You are presented with a few filters to better optimize your search. Results are displayed to the right.

I’ve searched and couldn’t get an answer for my specific question. How do I proceed now?

Now that you’ve done some research, let’s make sure your post gets the attention it deserves.

Make sure you explain your problem / question with complete details to avoid any confusion and unnecessary trolling and or spamming.

Tag the appropriate moderator for the focus area you need help with. If you don’t know who the moderator is, please tag any moderator (highlighted in red below). This way, the team is quick to respond and resolve/route your issue appropriately in a timely manner.

You can also use hashtags(highlighted in green below). Try to make it not very specific as it will not help others looking for a particular topic.

Good post example:

A not so good post example:

Moderator tag missing, details missing.

How to I follow a post?

Click on the 3 dots right next to the post you want to follow and click “Turn on notifications for this post. You don’t need to comment “F” or “Following” in order to follow a post. This is a much cleaner and following the design approach.

If you see something, please report it to the admins.

If you see inappropriate comments be it for any reason, please report it to the group moderators who will review them immediately and take necessary action.

Select the appropriate category to report the post/comment. If you are unsure, please select other.

Please use this reporting tool only if it’s appropriate. (PS: Not liking a person is not a ground for reporting them.:))

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