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    Anonymous poster : Hello friends…This is for my cousin . My cousin’s in laws had come on jan 25th this year. Her father in law is severely diabetic with type 1 diabetes. Despite having this pre-existing condition they have travelled and now it’s causing lot of problems. My cousin has two small kids to take care of. Her older kid has been diagnosed with speech delay and they need to start therapy for the kid as soon as possible. She also has a job to take care of as her husband constantly puts pressure saying that he is the only earning member. Her in laws are just not being supportive and citing their health reasons. Unfortunately with her father in law’s pre-existing condition, he had to be admitted to the hospital for over a week here in the US as he developed a severe foot infection becoz of his diabetes. Her father in law refused to treat his foot infection in India and as a result he had to get it done here in the US. It’s also severe financial and mental burden on my cousin. The in laws are threatening saying it’s their son’s house and they have a right to stay for how ever long they want. My cousin’s husband keeps threatening her saying they will kick her out of the house everytime she raises her concerns. It’s causing lot of mental strain on my cousin. Will they be able to get an extension of their visa beyond six months in the current times?

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