How Dental Hygiene Can Help Save Your Hard Earned $$

Dental costs in the US are right up there and if you aren’t covered by a comprehensive insurance cover, the bills can really add up, leaving a large hole in your wallet. Healthy teeth and gums are an important part of your everyday life. Having a healthy mouth throughout your life is a blessing. It has been proven that cavities and scaling on teeth are connected to poor health and hygiene. A bright, white smile lights up your face and looks good too! How can you keep that smile white and bright but also your mouth hygienic? One way is with the age-old traditional oil-pulling method.

To know more about how oil-pulling can keep your dental health in check, contact our team at and we will connect back with you at the earliest.

Choosing Dental Insurance – An insight

“Smile! It costs Nothing” is a well-known saying but today a dental visit or a procedure can burn your pocket. Choosing the right insurance or dental discount plan can save you from that.

Dental Insurance

It’s almost like choosing medical Insurance. there are various companies that offer a wide range of coverage for a dental procedure, depending upon the plan you choose the premium which may range anywhere between 40$ to 200$ per month. The plan given to corporate office employees have greater benefits with lesser premiums but when it comes to choosing it individually a lot of points need to be considered like does the plan cover examination, x-rays, scaling (oral prophylaxis) root canal treatment, crowns, veneers, cavity filling, root planning, flap surgeries, and implants. Implants are becoming the most opted treatment for missing teeth which are very expensive to pay from the pocket. Before choosing an insurance plan clarify if preexisting condition conditions are covered. How long does it take to use the insurance for treatment after paying the first premium? Choosing the right insurance will help you to plan annual visits and take care of your oral health.

Discount Plan

This one is much simpler and very easy to use compared to dental insurance. There are some companies in every city that offer discount plan cards. They range approximately from 120$ to 750$. When you purchase a discount plan you need to visit a dentist in their network for using the discount. You can choose a discount plan depending upon your necessity. Each discount plan offers discounts on various dental procedures like free examination, oral prophylaxis, and approximately 10-60% on procedures. But most cards even offer additional discounts on vision and prescription. There are separate plans for individuals and families. The discount plan can be purchased either with the full amount or can be paid as monthly premiums. These are like choosing a prepaid card for your mobile phone. You choose a discount plan and visit the dentist immediately there is no waiting time. The expiry for this plan is usually 1 year from the date of purchase. Choose the plan and choose the dentist in the network. If you are unhappy with a dentist another dentist can be visited from the same network or if you are particular about a dentist, you can give them a call and ask them to find out in which discount plan network are they associated with and take that particular discount plan. Some dental offices even offer complimentary free examination and cleaning to promote the clinic to new patients but make sure you check with them prior if they have any complimentary offers for new registration.

Aesthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics

Most of the insurance and dental plans don’t cover any of the aesthetic and orthodontic treatment and procedures. For such kinds of procedures, supplemental plans need to be added and extra premium needs to be paid to avail discount on these kinds of procedures.

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