Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

SOSGI has always been at the forefront of your battles with the pandemic. We have done our best to provide you with the correct information, the platform to share peer-to-peer experiences, and actions to help you combat the pandemic years. We have covered various aspects of travel and life when you are in a foreign country. During the second wave, many of you were in crisis mode with heart-rending situations in India. You also witnessed scenes of people struggling to meet the costs of treatment of COVID-19. We could not sit idle and decided to take action. SOS Global Indians™ tied up with the NGO Emmanuel Hospital Association India to support their COVID-19 efforts on the ground through a fundraiser on our platform.

We encourage you to continue to volunteer to support our fundraiser as the fight is not over yet. We have partnered with for this essential fight. Donate now by clicking here.

Process of rollout:

SOS Global Indians™ will support Shalom Hospital Delhi (part of Emmanuel Hospital Association India) by providing it with funding to upgrade its facilities to a COVID emergency center. Their patients include HIV+/Cancer/Tuberculosis cases from the underprivileged strata that are now also facing the threat of a COVID-19 illness.

Funds provided will be deployed to urgently purchase oxygen concentrators, protective medical gear, medical supplies, etc. which are the need of the hour. All funds will be transferred as per the laid out govt. protocols in order to provide utmost transparency.

Additionally, SOS Global Indians™ will try to help its members & their families procure oxygen concentrators for home use subject to the availability & genuineness of the machines by sharing links on its platform, to such resources. 

SOS Global Indians™ on behalf of its members is honored to be supporting Shalom Hospital Delhi & Emmanuel Hospital Association India in this effort and thanks to Dr. Saira Paulose & Dr. Rajni Herman who are tirelessly working to help the underprivileged & needy on ground currently.

We will update the progress made.

For further queries, please email us on

COVID-19 Relief Resources:

SOSGI will gather and update information for COVID-19 resources that you can easily find and connect within various regions of India. Please remember that we are providing these external links with the best of intentions but the links are not validated. Do your own research and make sure they are legitimate before attempting to reveal personal information.

1. Bangalore: Apthamithra Helpline – 14410.  Bangalore Covid Central Helpline – 1912

Bangalore Covid resource –

2. Karnataka State COVID Testing Centers

3. ICMR Approved COVID testing centers in Bangalore

4. ICMR Approved list of COVID labs in India

5. List of medical Oxygen suppliers in Karnataka

6. Oxygen Concentrators in Bangalore

RT-PCR Testing Centres


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