Approved NIE For Parents (B1/B2 visa) On Humanitarian Grounds & Travel Experience

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Sent NIE request email on July 9th to Mumbai consulate based on my wife’s pregnancy and that we need help during and after pregnancy. I sent an email from my dad’s email account and wrote as if he was writing it. One email for both parents in the template that the US consulate is asking us to use (it’s on their website).

In the email, we explained my wife’s pregnancy situation in a lot of detail and how we are only 2 here in the US and I am not able to take off from work for more than a few weeks as I am working in the critical infrastructure field and she needs support 24×7. We attached a doctor’s letter which was pretty basic (due date and that we need help) and some medical reports that support why we need help. We also mentioned that nannies cannot replace parents’ presence and how they know her dietary restrictions/limitations and other small but important things that nannies typically do not do.

We attached the following documents:

  1. Parent’s passport and visa copies
  2. Vaccination certificate (Covishield)
  3. Our passport and recent I-797s
  4. Doctor letter and medical reports

We received approval in 10 business days but they had my father’s middle name wrong. So, we replied to that email asking to correct the error and they did in 3 business days. I suggest not to send follow up emails as this may cause more delays. I know it’s hard but patience is key here. They are getting these emails like crazy and they are also humans and have processing limitations.

We did not specify any travel dates (just mentioned as soon as possible after approval) in the email. Bought tickets in Qatar airline after the approval and they travelled yesterday on Aug 24th.

Travel experience: At Ahmedabad airport – They checked PCR test report and NIE approval email copy. They discussed with some other airline officers about NIE and asked a couple of questions: Who lives in the US and show us their passport (mine) copies. My parents had copies of my passport so showed it to them and then they were good to go. Security and immigration did not take too long.

At Doha airport – One of the best airport and most friendly staff. The moment my parents got off the plane, one staff member politely asked where they are heading to (in Doha or the next flight) and he escorted my parents’ to the next gate (flight to Houston) and checked in with them couple more times while they were waiting for boarding. Nobody asked for any documents at Doha.

At Houston airport – Immigration took an hour since they are asking all non-citizens and non-GC holders to sit in one designated area and took my parent’s passport, NIE letter with them inside their office. My parents just waited for them to come back and eventually they did and handed them a passport and they were cleared to enter. No questions asked. This is a completely different and new process that I did not know about.

For immigration at POE, I have heard different stories and my parents had copies of our passports, I-797s, doctor letters, test reports with them in case immigration asks for any of that which they did not. Just make sure, you have all the possible documents that support your NIE with your travel.

For booking tickets, I highly recommend you avoid travel agents, booking sites and just book your tickets directly through airline websites. it makes things easier to manage in case you need to change dates and ask for a refund unless it’s Air India and in that case good luck. I had originally bought tickets for 29th Aug but saw tickets opened up for 24th later and changed dates without any hassle.

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I received NIE approval for my both parents to visit their grandchild and son and daughter-in-law on the basis of Humanitarian grounds. I applied on 7th July 2021 at Mumbai Consulate where they received their VISA and received approval on 19th July via email. I booked tickets after the approval. They travelled on 22nd July from Mumbai to Indianapolis.

We received approval on the basis of my wife’s complex pregnancy situation. She needs help for her postpartum pregnancy stage. Also need help taking care of their grandchild.

Following documents we attached:

  1. Hospital Letter
  2. Parents vaccination reports
  3. Passport copies
  4. Visa copies

The hospital letter explained how the pregnancy was complicated and how my wife needs support from my family member.

Travel Experience:

We booked a flight from Mumbai to Indianapolis via Newark, United Airlines. The in-flight experience was really good regarding food, service, etc. The immigration process was very hectic timewise since they had only 4 hours as layover time. They had to wait 2 hours before their name was called at immigration. Following questions were asked by CBP officers at PoE which were very basic.

  1. Where are you going to stay? Whats the address?
  2. When are you coming back ? do you have return tickets ?
  3. How long you are going to stay ?

Only NIE letter and passport were checked no other documents were asked. Things you should do if you are applying for NIE for B1/B2 cases:

  1. Make sure you write an email as if your either parent is writing. I showed my mother wrote an email. I created new account for her and wrote an email from her perspective.
  2. Hospital letter is must and should have as much information as possible. Should explain what’s the situation and why she needs her family member support. Also should have contact number of the OBGYN . Make sure it’s on Hospital Letterhead
  3. I have seen different experiences people are having at immigration. So prepare for worst. Make sure you have al the documents. They sometime call the hospital to make sure papers are not fake. Prepare them well with all the possible questions and correct answers.
  4. Wheel chair assistance for parents is very useful . Although we didn’t get wheelchair at Newark airport when we asked. They got wheelchair at Mumbai airport and Indianapolis airport which was super helpful.
  5. Since they had connecting flight at Newark airport to Indianapolis , they had to take their check inn luggage off and then put it back. This was tiresome for them. They had to ask for some help from nearby people. Also had to pay in dollars to get luggage cart, its not free.
  6. Newark airport was too big for them especially catching air train at airport to change the terminals, doing security check multiple time etc so plan accordingly.
  7. During immigration be humble and polite. Officers might seem rude but don’t loose your patience.
  8. United phone app was helpful. We uploaded RT PCR there only. Gate number, arrival and departure was updated on the app. And also did check in at app.

Sample of the email I wrote to the embassy:

Hello Sir/Madam

My name is XXX I am a mother-in-law of my son’s wife, XX, who delivered XX on date XX in the USA. My son and daughter-in-law have been living in the USA for the last XX years. She had normal delivery although she went through a long and ultimately more traumatic labor course than usual. She needs assistance with almost all of her daily tasks. Explain in more detail her situation here. How badly she needs you. add more info here if needed.

This is the reason we want to apply for NIE for myself and my husband ( grandparents) on a medical emergency/humanitarian grounds basis. I have attached a letter from the hospital explaining all this situation.

As a mother-in-law, I want to help her and her grandchild to get through this difficult period. On a mental and psychological level, our physical presence and support will be immensely useful for her. I have past experience handling postpartum depression. That is the reason I want her to visit us and help us through this difficult situation. . We have also attached documents from my wife’s OBGYN stating her condition.

My husband, XX, and I, XX, were planning to visit the USA in the month of May to see our newly born grandchild. But due to a travel ban from the USA, we can not travel to the USA now. I request you to please grant us NIE and give both of us permission to enter the USA within the coming 30 days. I really appreciate your decision.

Documents attached

  1. Vaccination report
  2. Parents passport
  3. Medical letter form hospital stating her condition very important

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NIE Approval: For humanitarian reasons, we requested Mother In Law’s NIE for B1/B2 VISA with all consulates.

Received an Automatic email from Kolkata, New Delhi & Hyderabad saying that NIE must be applied for at the Embassy or Consulate where the visa was issued.  Eventually within 3 days received approval from Mumbai Consulate from where VISA was originally issued.

She travelled without a problem from AMD-DEL-SFO.

AMD-DEL was Vistara Flight. Only Negative RTPCR was required at the airport. They said that the NIE will be checked at Delhi Airport.

DEL-SFO was United, and the flight was uneventful. The immigration officer asked for an NIE permission email and a negative RTPCR report. They double-checked NIE clearance by phoning the CBP office immediately. She went directly to United Gate after completing NIE verification.

AT SFO Immigration officer sent her for a secondary examination. The immigration officer asked for the NIE permission letter, as well as any NIE supporting papers and return tickets. Immigration took 45 minutes and she was on her way out of the terminal.

We requested for NIE on humanitarian grounds, stating that my wife had a pregnancy problem and is suffering from postpartum depression. As a mother, I want to help my daughter and grandson get through this difficult period. On a mental and psychological level, my physical presence and support will be immensely useful to her. Furthermore, because I am aware of her food sensitivity and pregnancy recovery requirements, I will be a huge help to her in postpartum recovery.

We used the following documents for NIE Email.

  • Passport.
  • B1/B2 Visa Stamp.
  • Fully Vaccination Report. 
  • NICU specialist Support Letter for my Son
  • Women’s Health Specialist support Letter for my Wife

Happy to take any questions..!!!

Few Frequently Asked Questions and Answer:

NIE Format:…/1lyEktTSN3CRfEX8vBBt…/view…

Email from which we applied NIE: We applied it through Mother in Law’s Email

I would strongly advise you to obtain a supportive letter from Dr. to strengthen your case. 

NIE Email Address: U.S. Embassy New Delhi:   

U.S. Consulate General Chennai:   

U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad:    

U.S. Consulate General Kolkata:   

U.S. Consulate General Mumbai:

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I got NIE approval for my mother from the Delhi consulate within 3 days on humanitarian/medical grounds owing to high-risk pregnancy complications. A big thank you to this group and the contributors who had shared their detailed experiences and templates!

I am sharing the details of the letter I sent from my mother’s email to the embassy which issued her visa along with the supporting doctor’s note.

Email template to be sent to

LastName :

First Name :

Date of Birth :

Gender: Female

Country of Birth: India

Country of Citizenship: India

Passport Number :

Visa Number and Class: XYZ (B1/B2)

No of Applicants: 1

Issuing Post Name: New Delhi

Estimated Travel Date: 29 AUG 2021 10 OCT 2021

National Interest Category: Humanitarian/Medical

NIE Justification:

My name is XYZ and I work for the central Government of India. My daughter XYZ and son-in-law XYZ have been living in the US for the last 6 years.

My daughter is having a high-risk pregnancy with multiple complications. Her <XYZ condition/pains> have significantly limited her mobility and she finds herself needing assistance with her day-to-day tasks. She has also been placed on a very strict diet to mitigate any further complications. All this has also taken a toll on my daughter’s mental health and has left my 4-year-old grandaughter(US citizen) in need of love and attention.

I want to help my daughter and grandchild through the remainder of her high-risk pregnancy and postpartum recovery. As a mother, I understand her diet requirements and food sensitivities. My physical and psychological support would greatly benefit my daughter as she battles through this difficult time and my granddaughter who requires proper care.

This is the reason I want to apply for NIE on medical/humanitarian grounds. I request you to please grant me NIE and give me permission to enter the USA asap as each day has become a struggle for my family. I really appreciate your decision.

Documents Attached :

Doctor’s note – Daughter’s Gynecologist letter

Full Vaccination Report


B1/B2 Visa Stamp

Doctor’s note sample :

XYZ is currently pregnant with a due date XYZ. This pregnancy is considered to be high risk due to XYZ reasons. She is additionally being monitored by a maternal-fetal specialist for the xyz condition and we anticipate starting xyz injections/treatment in the near future. She is having to follow a very strict diet at this time. She also has a marginal cord insertion of the placenta which is requiring frequent sonograms to monitor fetal well-being. She is asking for the approval of her mother to travel here from India at this time. She would benefit from her assistance at this time and also for the postpartum recovery.

Please note that this is on a case-to-case basis and totally depends on the consulate officer reviewing your case. A month back I wouldn’t have even thought of applying as I felt I would not get approval(had prepared myself for seeking local nanny/cook help) but the success stories shared in the group encouraged me to at least give this a try. I think that my OBGYN’s supporting note and having a US citizen toddler helped my case.

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