About Us

SOS Global Indians™ was founded as a group on April 7, 2020. Our vision is to help NRI’s & their families facing various challenges that have come about due to the COVID-19 pandemic and since inception we have successfully assisted thousands of Indians manage and overcome them whilst being overseas or in India through a panel of volunteers & experts across the domains of Immigration & Visas, Travel, Medicare, Education Abroad & COVID-19 Help. Join our community here https://bit.ly/3BmvZki

Ready to help, advise and support you in every possible way, our panel of volunteers and experts are always there, when you need us. With the tremendous support provided in this community through our team, our member base continues to grow steadily, which is validation & recognition for the work and effort put in by us. Through this platform, we aim to further streamline our efforts and bring onboard more solution providers & expertise in a professional manner.

What We Do

We’re here to support our community, which consists of Non Resident Indians, People Of Indian Origin & Indian citizens, across the following areas:

Immigration, Visa and Passport Services

Providing reliable information and advice on immigration requirements when applying for a visa or managing one's immigration status while being in a foreign country. This also includes support on Passport & Visa applications, renewals & appointments.

Medicare Services

Providing private mental health counselling & telemedicine services through qualified & licensed specialists which includes understanding people's existing prescriptions, medication, symptoms etc. and referring them to professional primary care support available to them.

Travel Services

Providing professional end to end travel solutions like flight & hotel bookings, concierge services, sightseeing packages, travel insurance, currency exchange support & transportation etc. as well as critical travel related information, rules & regulations where necessary.

Education & Career

Providing information & advisory on education & career opportunities abroad to aspiring candidates. This includes visa guidance, university & career bulletins, academic announcements, exam prep counselling, professional grooming, career advice and networking opportunities.

COVID-19 Resources

Curating the latest critical information related to COVID & providing links to readily available resources to deal with a health emergency faced by people. This also includes hosting fundraisers to support the Indian community as and when needed.

Our Team

Michael Khanna


The chief enabler of support, Michael hails from an armed forces family and has supported social initiatives since childhood. He holds a masters degree in management and has worked for 20 years across top MNC companies and as a consultant in the marketing, media & digital space. In his free time, he’s either playing cricket, taking road trips or enjoying some music & movies, depending on the time available. 

Chandna Shroti

Volunteer - Travel Services

Chandna is a seasoned travel consultant having worked for many years with a top airline both in India and the US. She is adept at keeping track of the constantly changing travel regulations between different countries and has advised thousands of travelers according to their particular situation, helping them navigate the skies to reach their loved ones.

Archana Krishnamurthy

Volunteer - Emergency Support

A booklover, mom, coffee lover and techie; Archana is a very passionate person. After several years working in the corporate world, she found her calling in the non-profit sector. Associated with the SOSGI for over a year, she enjoys moderating content, conversing and interacting with members of the organisation.

Om Visagha Ravindran

Volunteer - Immigration & Visa

Om Visagha Ravindran excels in several things; from writing, fitness and sports to motherhood and architecture – you name it, she can do it! A university gold medalist, her projects and accomplishments began with #StoryOfHer. Now, she plays her part and gives back with SOS Global Indians™ 

Sivaranjani Sarma

Volunteer - Medicare Services

A dentist by profession, Sivaranjani Sarma is a homemaker with a passion for building a community for the Indian diaspora abroad. When she is not busy changing the world, she loves to cook, travel, drive and read about health and lifestyle.

Avani Motta

Volunteer - Community Support

An Indian living in the US, Avani Motta is a housewife, mother and an accountant in the food industry. She became a part of the SOS Team in October 2020 with the goal to help and reach out to as many people as possible.


Payal Asher

Volunteer - Finance & Strategy

 A chartered accountant by profession, and social impact creator by passion, Payal brings a structured thought process to an otherwise unstructured space i.e. social causes. Having worked with reputable organisations across both domains, she uses her experience & learnings to further strategic objectives in everything she does. Listening to music, taking trips with friends and playing badminton are her go-tos.

Mounika Patlola Reddy

Volunteer - Medicare Services

Mounika has an MBBS background and is well versed in medical billing and insurance. Her experience with visitors insurance & health insurance have garnered her an expertise on how to navigate policy language, claims, and what to look out for on coverages. She loves fast cars & exploring new places.

Prashanth Paravastu

Volunteer - Career Services

Originally from Hyderabad, Prashanth Paravastu moved to the US to pursue his higher studies. He worked as a senior business systems process lead for a French manufacturing company. In his spare time, Prashanth likes to bake and has an obsession with French desserts. An avid cook, Prashanth also loves a good bike ride around the city, hiking, and loves to travel.  

Keshav Malavalli

Volunteer - Moderation Escalation

Keshav has lived in United States for more than two decades and enjoys both the cultures equally. In his free time he loves to hike, bike or cook at home. He also volunteers for a few organizations which really brings him satisfaction. He loves shopping, and can spend days in a mall without getting bored. He came into IT by chance and not by choice and consults in analytics and strategy, has traveled to few countries for work and feels blessed to have a wonderful family and friends. 

Himanshu Ramchandani

Volunteer - Moderation Escalation

Himanshu is a Data Engineer/Analyst working for a consumer electronics company. He loves to go on long hikes and occasional bike rides on weekends. He has 2 incredibly beautiful and adorable cats, Zoe and Blue. They enjoy long car rides with him and his wife. 

Arathi Rajkumar

Volunteer - Immigration & Visa

Arathi is from Bangalore, India who is currently residing in USA. She has a background in software Industry and feels glad for this current opportunity to help members through SOS Global Indians platform. In her free time she enjoys playing with her kids and exploring new places.

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Welcome Note

Hello and welcome to SOS Global Indians™.


This platform aims to support all NRI’s and their families in need of critical help & information. The details & content mentioned on this platform are curated from various sources to guide them, and due credit goes to the creators & sources of such content. Any information found to be changed or irrelevant at the time of it being accessed by you is not the responsibility nor liability of SOS Global Indians™. Data privacy protocols will be followed on this platform and doing your own due diligence prior to acting upon the information given here is advised.